New Avenue at PCBC 2011

PCBC was launched in 1959 as a small educational conference at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Since then, then show has evolved to become homebuilding’s most innovative event on the Pacific Coast, where the industry’s most influential trendsetters gather to share ideas and information. The PCBC community, has led the way to integrating new technologies into the home and embraces the idea that community is more than a collection of homes; it’s a feeling of belonging and feeling connected.

Two New Avenue designs were on display from June 22-June 24 2011. This exhibition was New Avenue’s first demonstration in the national spotlight and was very well received. Roughly 100,000 people toured the two homes over 3 days earning New Avenue press coverage from the SF chronicle, Dwell Magazine and an assortment of Green Building and Home & Garden blogs. Both homes were built in partnership with the innovative co-sponsors listed below.


‘Home of Innovation’ – PCBC 2011

Second Units for Stronger Communities: B the Change New Avenue

New Avenue Homes of Berkeley, CA is taking a small approach to solving a big problem. Most of us live in more space than we need, and sink more time and money than we would like into maintaining these large spaces. A practical approach to solving that problem is putting more people within big spaces or otherwise put – increasing the density of our living environment. This doesn’t mean packing too many people into one house, it means getting more utility out of the space that we have.

Building a second unit on a single family property makes sense in several ways. First, property becomes more useful and less expensive. Adding a second living space gives families flexibility to accommodate older parents, young adult children, live-in care takers and nannies, or the option to take an entrepreneurial route and become a landlord in their community. Each of these actions minimize the cost and maximize the benefits of owning property.

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Clean Tech Accessory Dwelling in San Jose

New Avenue Homes, builder of a popular NZE tiny house in Berkeley, has a new Clean Tech Exhibit home on display in San Jose. The home has a living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, storage, and all sorts of green technology and sustainable materials. New Avenue prefabricated the structure and estimates that a home of this size costs about $70,000 to build and permit, not including upgrades or special circumstances.

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