Sustainability Exhibit & Museum in Palo Alto – Open to the Public

The Green Vision design was built in spring 2011 for the City of San Jose’s Clean Energy Showcase to display net-zero energy living and green building products. We have now partnered with the City of Palo Alto to provide a Sustainability Exhibit and Museum for the city residents. It will be located in Rinconada Park and open to the public beginning in March 2012.

The home demonstrates how comfortably one can live in a small footprint, energy efficient cottage. Coupled with high quality craftsmanship, the EcoHouse incorporates sustainable building products like bamboo flooring, hyper-efficient appliances, hyper-efficient doors and windows, denim insulation, and recycled glass tile. This is a 500 square foot home with a full kitchen, full bath, large deck and loft bedroom accessible by the innovative space-saving spriral ee-stairs.




Under the Stairs

Stairs and Ladders for small spaces and lofts…

The most coveted design feature in a small home is any idea that will give you as much space and storage as possible. When you have a small footprint to work with, lofts and second stories are a great way to add more living space. The downside to both lofts and second stories is the need for stairs and stairs take up valuable space. That’s why we love to gather great ideas on making the best use out of the area under the stairs, and other fun ways to sneak in storage. Here are a few photos of some of our favorite ideas. You’ll see that while the stairs are a space constraint, what to do with them is rich with creative possibilities.

Bathroom Bookshelves and stair combo Bookshelves and stair combo The smallest circular stairs possible
Drawers in the stairs Office under the stairs Office under the stairs Shelves and wardrobe
Believe it or not, this is plywood!