Reducing Clutter

Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean you have to feel like you are living in a tiny box. You can bring the feeling of spaciousness to your small spaces with the simple practice of reducing clutter. Below is a list of some common clutter that can be readily cleaned up to make a space feel more breathable.

Pick Up Your Clothes

Beds, sofas, and floors are often mistaken for closets, hampers, and dressers. It is very easy, after all, to just remove and drop clothes anywhere upon coming home. Used socks can be stored in shoes, if needed, and the shoes, intern, can be racked or stowed under a bed or in a closet. Jackets and sweaters resting on furniture belong in closets. Pick these things up and just store them away!

Find a Regular Home for your Wares

Pencils, papers, coins, keys, and business cards can be easily placed anywhere at the end of their use and forgotten when they are out of mind. Find or fix up regular, cleaned up places to put them and try to store them in the same place. You will not only have an easier time fetching your wares but also a less cluttered environment.

Get Rid of Stuff

Acquiring new things is unavoidable. We pick up badges and buttons, free t-shirts, and cheap toys and gifts. Consider recycling, donating, or give away things you no longer have a use for. Scan or photograph and digitize aging receipts, pamphlets, and business cards then recycle them. Absolve yourself of unusable clothing, rip your old CDs, toss out or recycle irreparable or useless electronics, and take the trash out. Obsessing about sentimentality or potential utility of the small stuff leads to visual and practical clutter.
Maintain this Habit

Keep in mind that that reducing clutter is not something that is done just once. It is an active maintenance chore. Clutter does and will build up. Fight clutter constantly, daily, or weekly, as long as you fight it regularly.

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