Small House Design – Storage Ideas – Hanging Shoe Organizers

Left and Center: Products from Amazon (see below). Right: My own setup.

Are you greeted by an array of shoes near the front door when you step into your home? If you own at most around ten pairs of shoes and your entryway looks like a scattered shoe store display, perhaps it is time to invest in a better place for your shoes. You can set up a short shoe rack, but smaller living situations may require a more compact, vertical solution: a hanging shoe organizer. These are shelving units typically hung on rods in a storage room or bedroom closet or hung on a door. Often they are made of canvas and, sometimes, a light skeleton framework. Easily collapsed, set up, or stored away, hanging shoe organizers afford great portability and deployment. They are tucked away, which reduces visual clutter and makes for a less cramped entrance. If you cannot completely fill all of the slots with your shoes and flip flops, you can use these extra spaces for storing ties, belts, socks, lint rollers, and other closet sundries.

Left and Center: Products from Amazon (see below). Right: My own setup.

Since these things will likely be used on a daily basis, I recommend getting something at least of mid-range quality – priced around $10-$15. Some Amazon customer reviews of cheaper organizers note easily-ripped materials. Below are some hanging shoe organizer products available on Amazon with listed prices as of this writing. (Personally, I have been using something like the first one for two years and it’s still in great shape.)

  1. Household Essentials 10-Pocket Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer, Natural Canvas – $14.99
  2. Household Essentials 311344 Double Row Hanging Shoe Organizer – Natural Canvas – $17.84
  3. DAZZ 22-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer – $11.60

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