Fireclay Tile – A model for local, sustainable manufacturing

One of our goals when helping clients choose finish items for their new home or cottage is to find and recommend high quality products with a high value to price relationship.  We want the interior finishes choices to reflect our design and engineering focus on sustainability and longevity.

Among our favorite recommendations is Fireclay Tile.  The first reason is easy – they make absolutely beautiful ceramic tile products and have selection across many styles and price points. The Debris Series Recycled Tile is a house favorite. The Debris Series is a post and pre consumer waste tile product.  It uses recycled glass dust, porcelain dust and spent abrasive minerals to make a unique, beautiful tile for homes while diverting waste from landfill. Fireclay also re-processes all waste materials from one production run back into the input for the next. They prove that responsible, closed-loop manufacturing processes can deliver the highest quality products.

Here’s Paul Burns, Chief Ceramist and Founder of Fireclay Tile talking about developing the Debris Series and coupling sustainable manufacturing processes with recycled material sourcing.

The second reason is that In addition to beautiful tile, we love to recommend Fireclay Tile because they are a local company doing all the right things. They have been in business in San Jose for 26 years.  Founder Paul Burns (in the video above) is still the Chief Ceramist and dedicates his time to coming up with inventive sustainable tile product lines, and Eric Edelson, a younger local, joined in 2009 to apply a Stanford MBA education to helping local manufacturing thrive. Fireclay Tile is a model to emulate. They make amazing product lines, source materials locally, manufacture products responsibly and are preserving the specialized art of ceramic tile making in the region by training new locals in the craft.  If you are considering tiling or re-tiling, Fireclay Tile should be on your shortlist to go check out.

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