5 Ideas to Create More Space in Your Small Kitchen

The Shiksa Knife Magnet Strip

Two features that make a small kitchen feel bigger are open counter space and plenty of storage. If you have open space to chop, mix and assemble your dishes it will feel like a comfortable place to spend some time cooking for yourself, friends and family. These are some of our favorite products to get a few things off the counters and out of the drawers and cabinets.

1) Knife Magnet Strip

Magnet strips are fantastic. They look nice and can be used for knives, spatulas, scissors, whisks, ladles and any other metal kitchen utensils. This way you don’t have to store a set of knives in a wood block on the counter and can free up drawer space for other items.

This is one of our favorites from The Shiksa






2. Hanging Baskets

Rather than store your apples, oranges, tomatoes, onions, garlic, avocados or any other fruit or vegetable in the pantry, fridge or countertop basket, put them in a basket hanging from the ceiling. You can turn a small empty corner that is too small for a cabinet into more storage with one ceiling hook.

This is a minimalist style from Sur la Table







and a rustic style from Bed Bath & Beyond







3. Hanging Dish Rack

You’ll need to find the right size to fit over your sink but that’s pretty easy. When you find the right one, a hanging dish rack is just like adding a little more counter space. You can position it high enough to not be cumbersome doing dishes and let your plates, mugs, bowls and silverware drip-dry right into the sink. More space and less mess.

Trade Key has nice designs







or you can take a cabinet integrated approach like this example in Fine Home Building…








4. Wall Mounted Paper Towel Rack

Very simple and very common.  Paper towels need to be handy to be useful and putting them on a wall mounted rack makes great use out of a small area under a cabinet.

Here’s a simple Bed Bath & Beyond Model featured on Houzz




5. Hanging Pot Rack

Nothing consumes more drawer and cabinet space than pots and pans. Getting them out and hanging from the wall or ceiling is perfect work around. Plus, anything else in your kitchen that has a hook or handle can hang right next to them.

Great ceiling hanging design from Crate & Barrel







and a Wall Mounted Design from Cuisinart





These are some of our favorite small kitchen solutions. If you have other suggestions and great product ideas send them our way, we’d love to share!

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