The Nest Thermostat – A new standard recommendation for our cottages.

Building a new home, even a small home in your backyard, means making a ton of decisions about design and products. One of our main responsibilities to clients is helping them navigate towards product selections that will make the home more efficient, less costly and more comfortable. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a perfect example of a simple choice with excellent sustainability returns. Our homes are already very efficient by virtue of compact size and high quality walls and windows. A thermostat like Nest can help take the operational efficiency of the home an extra mile.

As per the name, Nest is an intelligent, ‘learning’ thermostat that helps reduce your energy cost without a lot of thinking. It introduces user friendly design and networked device capabilities into the standard programmable thermostat concept. Each time you adjust the temperature to what you need at the moment, it learns and remembers information so that it can automatically make your heating and cooling as efficient as possible. The Nest team puts it like this: ‘Your thermostat should program itself around your life – not the other way around.‘ Homeowners can control it remotely from smartphones and teach the thermostat exactly how to act. Complementing the ability for intelligent algorithms to control temperature adjustments based on behavior, the Nest thermostat also has activity sensors and humidity sensors and can make adjustments based on predicted weather using a Wi-Fi connection.

This 2 minute video explains the main features. We think it is fantastic.


On average our clients will spend $150k – $250k on their new backyard unit. We see a thermostat which can help automatically reduce energy costs without inconvenience or sacrifice to comfort as a great product selection for a new home.

Check out for more information and we’ll post again soon after monitoring the Nest thermostat’s performance in one of our cottages!

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