Velux Sun Tunnels – Natural Light is the Best Light

One easy guideline to designing spaces where people want to spend time is including plenty of natural light.  A request for “a lot of natural light” is typically in the top five desired features when discussing initial design with clients. It’s even accurate to say natural light holds the number one slot for the majority.

It makes perfect sense to us. Natural light makes a space feel healthy and open and receptive. It also reduces electricity costs. The goal is to try and keep costs under control when figuring out options for more light because several large windows, glass paneled walls and skylights can become expensive.

For this reason, the Velux Sun Tunnel is our ‘Great Cottage Product’ this week. Velux Sun Tunnels can go a long way to lighting a small unit and are more economical than expensive windows. A Sun Tunnel does exactly as the name suggests – it pipes in natural light from the roof through a reflective tube and straight inside.

The before and after pictures on Velux’s site are a perfect show and tell for the appeal.

Before                                                After


The Sun Tunnels are engineered so that light is amplified but does not refract and change color or cause a glare inside the house – simply warm natural light direct from outside. There are several sizes and designs for different placements inside the house depending on the lighting goal for the room in question.

We are big fans of drawing in Sun Tunnels to your design and recommend reading more info at!

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