The Design/Build Process The Every Project Follows

How do I make a backyard cottage happen?

The core of New Avenue’s business is knowing how to do this and knowing how to make the process enjoyable for our clients. Cottages are small but involved construction projects. Building a new home in your backyard is a personal and creative endeavor and a large investment.

Designing, permitting, estimating, contracting and building all offer their own unique pitfalls that risk to break your schedule or break your budget. The whole process requires several different professionals and a great deal of knowledge. Our job is to set our clients up for success, guide the process and cover the right details at the right time.

New Avenue Process Series will share some expertise gained over the last 4 years. An average project will span 52 weeks from the time you make a decision to start. This series will lay out the detailed roadmap about what happens from start to finish.

The first topic we’ll cover is design research and tips on how to use the New Avenue Design Book system to your advantage. Then we’ll detail all that happens during each of New Avenue’s 5 phases:

I. Program Development – start zoning research and begin sketching the plans
II. Schematic Design – defining the size and shape of your home. This includes such aspects as floor plans, window plans, architectural style etc…
III. Design Development – Determining finish details, tile plans, appliances schedules, materials, siding type, kitchen layout and much much more.
IV. Construction Documents – producing the technical drawings for your building permit and for your contractor to follow when building the home
V. Construction Administration – Coordinating the many aspects of building a home including signing contracts, including or denying change orders, tracking progress and administering payments.

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