New Avenue Process Phase IV – Months ~8-12

In Phase IV it’s time to put the full permitting process, with all the proper documentation, into motion with your city’s building department. The building permit fee and impact fees are paid to the city at this time. The processing time to receive a building permit can vary from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on the human resources available at your city’s building department and the number of projects they have in the queue.


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Phase IV builds in time to go back and forth with the city. Proper organization and expertise will minimize the time spent in this process. The building department will review the plans and submit questions, comments and changes back to our team. We respond in kind.

When approved, you will have a full and final set of architectural plans that include as-built drawings, site plans, demolition plans, floor plans, cross-sections, engineering, interior and exterior elevations, and finish schedules. Structural engineering is completed by a licensed engineer. You receive your building permit and are ready to start construction.

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