A Couple Inspiring Remodels

Many people may view Accessory Dwelling Units as unusual and creative living spaces, somewhere between a home, an apartment, and a vacation cottage.  In some cases we agree with those people and part of the fun behind owning a New Avenue home is that they are pretty unique structures.  However, New Avenue homes do not compare to how creative and unique the following fantastic home remodels are.  We find inspiration in these homes and hope that our readers do as well.

1912 Schoolhouse Cabin:

This home remodel began in 2006 when a Midwestern family found the perfect fixer-upper to turn into their weekend getaway cabin.  The schoolhouse was bought in a relatively dilapidated state, but the couple quickly remodeled the old classroom into a living room and kitchen area, all with the original chalkboard left on the wall.


SoCal Barn Turned Home:

A 700 sq. ft. barn in Costa Mesa, CA has had several different lives.  It was first a home for chickens, then a workshop for a boat builder, and now it’s a home for a family of four.  The barn renovation was meant to retain much of the structure’s original charm with some modern living upgrades.

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