Building Permits for Accessory Dwellings in San Anselmo


San Anselmo Zoning Map
San Anselmo Zoning Map – From MarinMap

Some requirements from the Code of Ordinances (Title 10, Chapter 6):

  • One permanently surfaced parking space shall be provided for each residential second unit except if you live within one mile of a transit loop.
  • Height and setback requirements vary with zoning district. Here are a few:
    • 20’ minimum front and rear setbacks in all R zones
    • 8’ minimum interior side setback in all R zons
    • 12’ minimum street side setback in all R zones.
    • 30’ maximum building height above average grade
    • 18’ maximum building height above ridgeline
    • Refer to tables 10-3.411 more info
  • Residential second unit square footage is calculated as part of the primary living unit and subject to its limitations
  • Maximum of one second unit per lot containing a single-family dwelling
  • Maximum of 800 square feet, minimum of 150 square feet
  • Second unit must compliment the design of the primary living unit

Verify with the Planning Division to confirm your requirements in your zoning district.



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