Modular Home Insurance

There is an affordable and easy way to insure modular homes, shipping container homes and even tiny houses on wheels.  We presume the owners are often interested in insurance as we certainly wanted insurance for New Avenue’s two modular homes – Our Home of Innovation and our Palo Alto Eco House.

New Avenue participated in a Sunset Magazine panel about “Small Spaces, Big Dreams”.    It was a great panel with Tiny House Cat:, a modular mountain home builder and New Avenue was there to represent our primary focus of accessory dwellings and remodels.  We loved hearing how Cat has built her own home with nothing more than YouTube for training and she has poured her heart into this beautiful little home but we were surprised when Cat mentioned that she hasn’t figured out how to insure her tiny home.

We have insured our two small modular homes through what is called “Inland Marine Insurance”. Our Palo Alto Eco House has been insured under one of these policies for years.  This type of insurance exists and is quite common as it is what companies use to insure their shipping containers and all their goods once they are “inland” and heading down the highway.   Storage for construction project sites, film production, entertainment venues – basically anything very large, somewhat secure and modular seems to fall under in-land marine.

We have paid around $1,000 per year for a policy with a building limit of $51,500 and Business Personal Property/Contents limit of $20,400.

Chris Roller of M&T Insurance wrote our policy (  He’s based in Buffalo, NY and he wrote our policy for our home in California. 


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