Download free floor plans for an accessory dwelling or guest house


All of New Avenue’s accessory dwelling projects use custom plans. When managed well, custom design and construction always result in a better home at a better price. More importantly, they allow us to design an accessory dwelling that is perfect for each homeowner. Here are two examples.

Dennis and Lisa’s Tiny Home


Dennis and Lisa, two young parents from El Cerrito, CA, contacted us in the summer of 2011 with the idea of replacing a huge, old chicken coop in their backyard with a nice cottage for Dennis’s mother. Having grown up nearby, Dennis wants to invest wisely in the family’s character-rich property that has an amazing garden and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

During the early design stages, we discussed some options with Dennis and Lisa. The first design was a sloped 850 sf modern small home with a loft and shed roof. This had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living/kitchen area.

After some thinking, though, this scheme was scrapped in favor of a design that made a more efficient use of space. The second design is a 600 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom, L-shaped small home with a living/kitchen area and a gable roof and loft. Just outside the house will be a great outdoor patio and trellis for rest and relaxation.

Karen’s Backyard Cottage


Karen is a professor who lives with her daughter in a beautiful two-bedroom, one-bath home in Berkeley, CA. Karen needed an independent home for an aging relative who lives with her for several months per year, a sanctuary for her own work, a guesthouse for a steady stream of family and friends, and a little extra income.

The cottage is small – just 265 square feet plus a 200 square foot loft – but the custom design maximizes the use of space. During the design process, Karen focused on adding extra storage, choosing green upgrades, picking nice kitchen and bath finishes and ensuring the floor plan fit narrowly between a favorite tree and her rear fence.

You can read more about this tiny home and download PDF floor plans here.

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