Planning and Bulding Permit Costs for a Master Bedroom Addition and Detached Studio Remodel in San Mateo, CA

At New Avenue we have paid over 30 different types of permits to get residential projects approved.

One of the partner architects at New Avenue’s recently completed the design and permitting for a new master bedroom remodel plus remodeling an old shed into a nice detached guest room/studio in San Mateo.   The project is currently being built by one of the New Avenue partner builders too.

We guarantee your project will be different!  This is a great starting point if you are researching.  Most people have never heard of all these fees.

Planning/Zoning:  A small project such as this does not have a planning fee.

Schools: $3.29/sf for projects over 500sf, this project does not trigger this fee as it is mostly remodeled existing space.
 Building Plan Check:  $5,700 for demolition recycling deposit, which is refundable after you recycle. $16,000.00 for the full building permit.

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