[VIDEO] Local NPR Station Tours Our El Cerrito Project

Local NPR Station Tours Our El Cerrito Project!

The San Francisco Bay Area local NPR station KQED recently did a piece on livable tiny homes and had a chance to visit one of our accessory dwelling projects, Dennis and Lisa’s Paradise in El Cerrito, CA. The family built this 2-story, 850 square foot modern home for Dennis’s mother. “Most city planners agree that this kind of development is not only beneficial for homeowners but necessary for the regions growing future… In the next 30 years, the population of the Bay Area is expected to grow by more than 2 million people, with a need for 660,000 new homes.” Click below to jump to the interview on YouTube. It starts at 20:00.

Local NPR Station Tours Our El Cerrito Project!

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Local NPR Station Tours Our El Cerrito Project”

  1. Nice idea but is this really the solution for population growth? 860 sqft for one person!?! We are a family of four living in 860 sqft. It’s tight at times but we manage. Also, what good is two stories for an aging parent. Best to be thinking about accommodating our parents in age friendly ways such as no staircases, wheelchair accessible doorframes and sliding panel doors. My two cents. 🙂

    1. Any impacts on population growth (which are substantial) are actually a distant second behind the simple desire to enjoy independence while living near family.

      Yes – a ladder and upstairs is a horrible idea as you get older. The two stories are mostly for storage and the grandkid. Everything needed (bed, bath, living, kitchen) is on one level on the ground floor for the parent/grandparent. The tub is actually designed to be replaced by a walk in tub too. Attic space or loft space is almost free to create so we encourage the idea. A ladder for anyone over 14 is a bad idea though. You’re totally right about that.

      It’s more like 600 square feet and that’s a good size for one person 450-500 works well but with the size yards we have around the country there’s often no need to go that small.

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