Betsy’s Room with a View

Betsy's Room with a View - Plan Details

Just north of the University of California, Berkeley, campus is a hilly neighborhood where Betsy and her son are  breaking ground for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) project this November 2014. The short-term plan is for family use. In the long term there are a number of options that are all to be determined.   Being close to Berkeley it would be a great apartment for a UC Berkeley employee, professor, students or it could just be a space for flexibility and family use.

The 430 square-foot modern home will have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a family room. Though Betsy’s property sits on a steep hill – there are four flights of stairs to the street and it requires a special foundation with piers – the unit will have an epic and beautiful view of the San Francisco bay. Construction is expected to be completed by the summer of 2015. 

New Avenue eased the permitting process when, through some digging and research, it was determined the project could obtain a “by right” planning permit. This made it possible to get the permits over the counter. This was a major time-saving discovery that saved on the usual long processing and waiting from the planning desk.

Stay tuned for construction pictures and maybe even an open house in the future.

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Betsy's Room with a View - Elevations
Betsy’s Room with a View – Elevations
Betsy's Room with a View - Plan Details
Betsy’s Room with a View – Plan Details
Betsy's Room with a View - Finishes
Betsy’s Room with a View – Finishes

New Avenue and this project were mentioned in the San Francisco Business Times.

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