Have you considered bamboo flooring?

Warm in color, stylish, and strong, bamboo floors have been increasing in popularity. It is a durable and attractive option that has an inviting look. The material comes in at about $2 to $7 a square foot, uninstalled.

Bamboo flooring can come in its natural blond color, stained, or carbonized to become a richer brown color. The grain type could be horizontal, vertical, strand-woven, or hand-scaped. In any case, these possibilities afford all the aesthetic flexibility you can want in flooring.

Bamboo Grain Types

How to Use It

There are a few things to consider when using bamboo flooring: moisture, traffic, and potential damage. Bamboo flooring is

Good for:

  • Kitchen – clean spills right away
  • Living and dining rooms, dens and offices, bedrooms – use furniture protectors to avoid scratching; direct sunlight can discolor the floor so use blinds and shade
  • Foyers and entrances – with some protection like a rug or a runner

Not good for:

  • Bathrooms – there is too much moisture
  • Outdoors – sunlight can discolor it, moisture can warp it
  • Weight rooms and playrooms – impacts can be pretty hard on the wood, many opportunities for denting

Other things to consider: trim your pets nails, avoid high-heeled shoes or concentrated stressors, and sweep and damp-mop often.

Environmental Impact

Unlike other wood species, bamboo does not have to go through a long period of time to mature and be ready for use. It is a fast-growing grass that quickly replenishes itself. When it is harvested properly, the root is left intact, and the plant can be harvested from again in about 3.5 to 7 years instead of 50+ years! This makes it a very attractive renewable resource.

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