Video Tour of Accessory Dwelling Overlooking San Francisco Bay

Here is a quick video of a one bedroom accessory dwelling in El Cerrito, CA.  Apologies for the shakiness, we’re going to invest in a better camera soon, promise!

The owner of this little home describes it as “paradise”.   We’ll take that kind of compliment any day!

There are some really fun details to look for in the video: 

  • DIY stained floor that changes colors from the living to the bathroom
  • Reclaimed and repurposed furniture
  • Concrete and seashell counters
  • Passive heating and cooling layout
  • DIY wood ladder to the loft
  • Monster bay window for napping/reading and garden viewing
  • Exposed wood beams and wood ceiling
  • Redwood deck
  • An in-process DIY manzanita tree railing
  • Just one heater for the entire space – a gas stove in the corner of the living room
  • World’s greatest backyard succulent garden.

Less fun, but still super important details are:  

  • Substantial slab foundation with retaining walls
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Single story living/accessible design (No, the loft is not accessible, that is bonus space for the grandkid)


See the floor plan or view more images here:

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