7 Essential Design Ideas for Accessibility

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant design or the less strict “adaptable design” or “Universal Design”  are all ways to make your home more accommodating to persons with disabilities.

Many of these design ideas are also just more convenient and better design for everyone so considering them is an exercise where everyone wins.

Here is a floor plan and video of an ADA accessible  hotel room that would be a great size for an in law apartment or master suite.

Note the seven design insights in the floor plan below:

1) 36″ access on both sides of the bed

2) Storage (this is way too small in this place)

3) 36″ wide door

4) 18″ next to the door

5) 5’0″ wheelchair turnaround in the bathroom

6) Accessible sink that a  wheelchair can go under

7) 5’x4′ flush shower with a bench and handheld shower.


ADA Hotel Room


And here is a video of that same space (apologies for the video quality)


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