Metal Roofs vs. Traditional Shingles

We all know asphalt shingles as they are the most common roofing material. You probably see them everyday and almost everywhere.

Composite shingle roofs are a fine product as they are affordable and easy to install. They are made out of a fiberglass base that is covered with asphalt and a mineral or aggregate adds the texture and color. Due to their 15-20 year life expectancy the roof has to be replaced and discarded to a landfill regularly. You’ve probably seen something like this before:

A metal roof will cost about twice as much as a comp shingle roof would, but it will last generations.  At year 15, when you avoid the first replacement of comp shingle roof, you break even.  At year 30 and every 15-20 years thereafter you are saving the entire cost of a new roof.  Just as importantly, the steel consists of recycled material and is recyclable if it is ever removed.  Most metal roofs have a special reflective coating that makes them more energy efficient and qualifies them energy star certification.

We have worked with metal roof network ( on several of our projects.  Their metal roofs come in different styles such as tiles or standing seam and they come in different materials such as copper and steel.  This gray steel standing seam metal roof is our first project with Metal Roof Network.

A few other metal roof options are listed here:

Diamond Shaped Shingles

Steel Shake Tiles


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