Build and Accessory Dwelling (ADU) in Portland


Backyard ADU

Building an accessory dwelling in Portland is a great idea. Construction costs are lower than other areas of the country, a big chunk of the city fees are waived, and the rental market is very strong.

There are many options when building an ADU in Portland. You can easily do a basement conversion, add an addition on to your current home, or build a detached structure. One of the more popular ways to build an ADU in Portland is a garage conversion. Many people want to keep their existing garage, but it often isn’t less expensive to do so and better to tear it down and build an accessory dwelling from scratch. A common project is to rebuild the garage with an accessory dwelling on top of it.

Costs to build an ADU in Portland might range from $25,000 to $200,000, depending on if you’re converting a basement or building a detached structure, which is a lot lower than other areas where accessory dwellings are built, such as California.

We’ve manages 300 projects and over 150 accessory dwellings. We have a great idea of what things cost and how long it takes to build an accessory dwelling in Portland. If you have questions about your property and if you can build an accessory dwelling, please contact us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about building an accessory dwelling in Portland.

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