Woodside and Accessory Living Quarters


Nestled in San Mateo County and filled with ranches and horse properties, the town of ar135976903004569Woodside has done better than some of its neighbors in providing additional housing.

They town planed for 17 low-income units in the last housing element, but 24 were actually built, all of them accessory living quarters.

 An accessory living quarter is a living area that is: (1) within or attached to a main dwelling or within or attached to a detached building or structure, subordinate to the main dwelling; and (2) designed, built or used for human habitation.

Many accessory living units in Woodside are built to be occupied by people who work on a property, to provide rental income or to allow older residents a place age in place, allowing their adult children and their families to move into the main house.

Here’s an overview of the key differences between accessory structures and accessory living quarters.

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