Paul’s Green Pad – A Perfect Place for the Urban Professional

Paul, an expert in energy efficiency and sustainable design, decided to convert his detached garage so he could have more living space in his East Bay home.  The wooden floor concealed an old slab and once it was removed it became clear that it would be better to replace the entire foundation.  After replacing the foundation, redoing the slab and, of course, installing energy efficient appliances and systems, Paul created a green and cozy home ideal for simple and single urban living. For example, using an electric cooktop with one burner induction has better control than gas and – bonus – it is super easy to install. To proactively manage energy consumption and demand, we plugged in an electrical submeter into the subpanel. Finally, Paul found an amazing all-in-one washer/dryer uses a fraction of the space as a traditional washer and dryer set. It does take longer to complete a load, so you’ll want to put in the dirty clothes in the morning so when you’re back from work, the laundry is ready for folding.

Total budget for this project was $81,648.  Though the original construction agreement was $69,452, we accommodated Paul’s requests for additional work that was not included in the original scope or the project’s evolving needs with these non-discretionary change orders:

Water Heaters $80 water heater price overage
Faucets, Supplies, and Trim $340 purchased garbage disposal & install electrical outlet & switch; plumbing/hookup for garbage disposal included in orig bid
Oven/Stovetop $250 addtl outlet for stovetop hooked onto garbage disposal outlet.
Landscaping $200 installation of new special front gate hardware per request of owner.
Electrical service upgrade $180 3hr for electrician to do a separate gauge incl materials
Showers $8 shower head contractor paid for. orig shower trim returned to owner b/c missing part.
Countertops $780 addtl 18″ backsplash, stovetop cutout, & granite on window sill ledge
Demolition and Structure Moving $200 removal satellite dish removal, patch roof, & hauling debris
Showers $500 rough plumbing: moving shower head & valve from west to south wall after per drawing from 6.26 for phase 2.
Faucets, Supplies, and Trim $250 Hose bib on garage by driveway
Patios $199 materials for redwood landing in front of entry door
Faucets, Supplies, and Trim $(360) credit to owner for faucets & sink. excluding cost for toilet
Exterior Painting $150 addtl two colors
Interior Painting $150 addtl two colors
Custom $240 Per City Inspector’s orders: addtl electrical work, labor only 4hrs
Framing $870 Loft: Reframe for loft in bathroom area. Includes flooring with 3/4″ plywood. Window frame: Reframing window for bigger size 3×4 window.
Exterior Window and Door Trim $100 skylight & flashing unexpected price increase; no change in labor price
Demo $3,200 demolition of existing concrete slab & exterior wall only. Existing wall at west elevation will remain. We will add 2×6 stud & will nail at 16″oc for wood siding. Haul away unnecessary items. Labor & material priced together.
Foundation $7,500 place 4″ new concrete slab & foundation according to structure engineer’s revised drawing. We will include trenching, dirt compacting, 4″ drain rock, 2″ sand, 2 layers 6mil vapor barrier. Labor and material priced together.
Foundation $2,400 new 2×4 wall 16″oc at south, east and north elevations. Approx 70 linear ft at 8′ high. Labor & material priced together.
Trenching $(670) on original budget form: Line Item 31 Trenching. We have included in change order (ref# VAIDYA-0513). Cost reimbursed $670.
Demo $(500) line Item 33 Phase II Demo/Earth Move: We have included part of cost to change order price. Cost reimbursed $500
Foundation $(3,000) line Item 03 Foundation (phase II): We have included full cost to change order price. Cost reimbursed $3000.
$185 coordination w/Surveyors and obtaining proposals for Clients approval
Architect Coordination $185 structural analysis/documentation for bringing structure closer to current codes (per Owner’s direction)
$85 cadd up schedules/details, etc
Schematics $185 Multiple “Future” Floor Plan variations in the process working with owner to develop the final “Future” floor plan, beyond that of the initial 4 layouts per contract
$85 cadd some options in process


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