Accessory Dwellings in Piedmont


PiedmontSome development standards, the floor area ratio, setbacks and off street parking must comply with the  requirements of Chapter 17 for the zone in which it is located and that the maximum size shall not exceed 700 square feet.

The city provides some flexibility for rent-restricted second units, which shall only be occupied if rented to a low or very low income household at an affordable rent level or if occupied exclusively by an owner whose household qualifies as a low or very low income household.  For example, the Planning Commission may reduce the parking requirement to one parking space per second unit, regardless of the number of bedrooms contained in the second unit, if the second unit is to be a rent-restricted second unit for a low income household.

All homeowners should review the municipal code for the most accurate definition, requirements, variances and exceptions and verify with the Planning Division to confirm your requirements in your zoning district.  Learn more about accessory dwellings by learning about our process  and read our client stories. Contact us today if you are interested in building your own backyard cottage.

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