The Duplex and Accessory Dwelling


Duplex and Garage
Duplex and Garage







Interested in building a duplex and an accessory building on one Berkeley property, Rivero contacted New Avenue on April 2013.   Here is a copy of the initial schedule of values, approximately $25,0000, for one structure.

If you are interested in pursuing your own accessory dwelling in Berkeley, we encourage you to further review the municipal code for the most accurate definition, requirements, variances and exceptions.  Some of the current regulations for accessory dwellings include:

  • Lot size requirement: Minimum  lot size is 4,500 sq ft
  • Maximum size: 640 sq ft or 25% of main house
  • Parking: Additional, non-tandem parking space required

However, the City of Berkeley is moving towards amending these restrictions in the near future, allowing for a streamlined and less costly approval process for this project type.

Verify with the Planning Division to confirm your requirements for your home, or call New Avenue!  Learn more about accessory dwellings, remodels and major home renovations by learning about our process, read our client stories or contact us today if you are interested in pursuing your own home project.

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