Your 2 Best Friends: Amazon and YouTube

This is a super simple insight about the future of hardware stores (and how you can save yourself from a few annoying Saturday errands)

For example, if your sink starts spraying water in a funny way and your knowledge of plumbing maxes out at the though “oh, that’s not normal, it’s spraying water”.

10 years ago you’d have to drive across town, talk to the guy at the hardware store and he’ll share divine knowledge that say, for example, your aerator needs to be replaced.

Now you can just google this and in about 2 minutes you can find a video such as:

Then you can order an aerator on and you’ve just won back a half a Saturday.   Do this 20 times over the course of a remodel and it’s arguably life changing!

If you find this interesting, then this article in the NY Times tells the story with a bit more color.  A woman who wasn’t in the mood to haggle with a plumber or sign up for his vague pricing about the cost of fixing an old  faucet, so she just bought a new on on Amazon Prime and had one of their service providers install it.

It’s not surprising that Amazon and Google are making a move into the space of services.  What’s less innovative or exciting but may be even more significant is that YouTube and Amazon are cutting out the need for service providers and hardware stores altogether.

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