New Avenue: A truly Integrated Project Delivery System

In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of trusting your general contractor to manage subcontractors.  Working with subs and even speaking to them directly can lead to miscommunication, causing costly project delays. Managing the subcontractors deliverables is a major part of your general contractors scope of work. For this reason, New Avenue has all payments for all vendors flow through our system, including payments to the subs.   New Avenue’s platform has these important functions that ultimately ensure the success of your project:

  • The project’s “bank” or clearinghouse – All payments are tracked by the platform and is accessible 24/7 on the system.  All project team members can see as payments are processed in real time, providing transparency to the mechanics behind your project budget.  For this reason, the homeowner only pays one business instead of several vendors
  • Quality control – We back our architects and general contractors, as we selected only a select few out of nearly 500 to represent the New Avenue brand.  If our New Avenue Partners approve and agree that the sub’s work is completed, we know the payment due is justified
  • Record keeper – We document and archive all transactions, so there is one true source of record.  If we’re not keeping track of all payments through our system, we’re comprising the project’s success and budget.  Missing one piece of the puzzle will not provide an accurate budget.

Here is how a New Avenue Partner Architect submits proposals for subs (our Builder Partners include subs in the construction bid):

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.24.26 AM

It only takes one broken piece to deconstruct the New Avenue system. When a homeowners signs up with New Avenue, they sign our Integrated Project Delivery agreement.  We call it “Integrated Project Delivery” for a reason.  Our process motivates collaboration throughout the entire design and construction process, tying stakeholder success to project success.

You can sign up and use the New Avenue system for free here: Get Started

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