Six Essentials for a Great Guest Room


We love getting ideas for home expansions and guest living that inform design considerations for both homeowners and architects. Modernize‘s Jane Blanchard offers these pointers for an accommodating and harmonious guest space in (or behind) your home.

The guest room is one part of the house that has the unfortunate history of being delegated to a cluttered room with an air mattress. However, a properly organized and relaxing guest room can add considerable functionality to your home. It also provides any guests in your home a hotel “getaway” feeling with minimal interruptions.

Proper variety of lighting


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Use a combination of desk lamps and floor lamps to keep the space bright as well as multi-purpose for guests. Consider installing a dimmer plug with hand grip to a desk lamp for customized lighting capability.

Well-stocked toiletries and pillows


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Giving that extra touch to a guest room can make the difference. Providing travel sized toiletries and a variety of pillows in different firmness levels is helpful. Consider placing these items near a desk and in areas where luggage is placed in plain view. Variety is the key to avoid confusion when guests come over. This includes different soaps and shampoos for every type of guest.

Comfortable bed


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The heart of a guest room is a comfortable and stylish bed. Using a combination of crisp sheets in the summer and flannel in the winter can make the bed a comfortable retreat for guests. Consider a mattress with a medium firmness level for all back types. Most memory foam mattresses feature different levels of firmness to match this.

Generous storage space


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Storage doesn’t necessarily have to be located to just the closet. A small desk with additional paper and cabinets can be a benefit to a guest room for extended stays. Lap trays and bedside storage attachments are a great way for guests to utilize work in bed. A luggage rack placed in convenience to a clothes wardrobe or closet prevents any clutter during a stay.


Personal media space


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Media types go beyond television and movies. Providing a well-stocked library is also a great choice for those late nights where guests wish to stay up and read. Provide a space for personal USB plugins and a smartphone cradle for those mobile media devices.


Zen-like flow


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What is the Zen of a proper guest room? It’s the layout of furniture and a unique style that gives guests a true retreat space. Furniture should be spaced proportionally to the room. A large cabinet in a tiny guest room can make the space appear cramped and feel like a storage space in the home. However, using small decorative cabinets and closet organization can make the room feel spacious and relaxing. Combining soft colors and small trinkets can enhance this retreat feeling.

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