Mr. Martinez Goes To Washington


white-houseNew Avenue cofounder and platform developer Justin Martinez spent Monday, May 11, 2015, at the White House. He was invited to attend Emerging Global Entrepreneurs, a kickoff event for the  White House’s Spark Global Entrepreneurship Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to connect people with resources, networks, technology, and ideas and promote entrepreneurship worldwide. Justin and New Avenue were honored to receive the invitation and contribute a voice in how young innovators are navigating the many challenges of defining and growing their businesses.

The event included a panel discussion between a handful of entrepreneurs from around the world and judges from the show Shark Tank (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran), followed by a panel discussion on investing in emerging entrepreneurs with African entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Elumelu, Valor Equity’s Antonio Gracias, and Kiva’s Julie Hanna.

“There was a lot of excitement throughout the day,” Justin, 26, remarked. “It feels great to be a part of an ambitious, energetic group out to explore markets and build businesses all over the world.”

Of course, being spoken to by the President of the United States doesn’t hurt, either. In his speech President Obama announced:

Over the next three years, we’re aiming to spark more than one billion dollars in new investments in the next generation of entrepreneurs around the world—to help them open a new business, expand into new markets and ignite the next era of innovation and growth.

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White House image by public domain photographer Peter Griffin

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