8 Water Saving Steps – Client Beats “Extreme” Water Savers With Simple Changes

Our client who built a 1,500 square foot custom home a few years ago shared the water consumption from their entire property and declared “We should be in the News”.
This includes 3 “households”  The owner with a husband, wife, two daughters and god.  And two income units.
Collectively, the 8+ residents on this property (excluding the occasional trips, including the occasional visitors and let’s not forget the furry friends) consume under a whopping 30 gallons/person/day (and some of us work from home too).
The average single-family home in the East Bay Municipal Utility District used 135 gallons of water per person per day last year, but Oakland resident Elizabe…
For comparison:
East Bay Municipal Utilities District claims 55 gallongs/person/day without outside uses.
Rancho Santa Fe, in San Diego County  claims 584.4 gallons/person/day
San Francisco claims 45.7 gallons/person/day
Los Angeles claims 92.8 gallons/person/day
The owner’s household used the following measures to reduce consumption. We can only assume the two tenants in the other units are a bit less careful.
1) We have updated to the almost most efficient fixtures.
2) We take short showers.
3) We have a tankless water heater (which is actually a disadvantage for long, non-circuit hot water loops [there’s a fix for that we haven’t done].
4) We collect the “waiting for hot water” by using in the toilet tank, or for kitchen rinsing
5) We recycle our kitchen rinsate (sort of the “yellow/mellow, brown/flush down” approach – rinse veggies-fruit, use rinsate for dishes/pots and soaking/brushing solids off before washing ( it does get disgusting though)
6) We “mellow” the bowl before flushing
7) Drought tolerant plants – 2x a week max
8) The other units all use low flow fixtures.

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