Truckee CA / Placer County Accessory Dwelling Codes are Changing

One of our design partners, Michael Hahn is a timberframe specialist. As such he spends his time in mountain towns.  This August he’s in Truckee, CA.

Being new in town he’s poking around to get the lay of the land.  As part of this he attended a city council meeting – which sounds painfully boring, but none the less, he heard some good news about accessory dwellings for Placer County.

Here are some quick notes:

NTRAC meeting on Thursday 8/13/2015: 

  •  The last item on the agenda was to vote in new language for the secondary dwelling units allowable within Placer County.
  • The portion of the code currently being modified specifically pertains to all regions in Placer County, with exception of any land that falls within the Tahoe Basin (refer to TRPA boundary).  The code has a separate section specific to the Tahoe Basin, and Crystal Jacobsen of Placer County Planning hopes to amend this section as well in the future.
  • The county and committee both seem in favor of such changes, as this helps address changing trends in density, the need for supplemental income, families aging in place, and minimizing loading on existing utility infrastructure to name a few.  The proposed changes do encourage architectural continuity, though the wording leaves a lot on the table to be determined on a case by case basis.  The dwelling sizes can range from 240 SF up to 1,200 SF based on lot size.
  • Overall the amendments are going to streamline the process of getting permits for secondary dwelling units, and has opened up the door for many to pursue this direction.  We are looking forward to getting involved in more of these structures as the codes are changed to better address this type of building.

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