What is a Kitchen or Bath Upgrade?

Many times a kitchen or bath project involves a whole house systems upgrade.  A common phrase is that you’re paying for what you don’t see.  What you don’t see are the systems such as electrical, plumbing, framing, seismic, and fireproofing.

If your home is 30-100 years old then it almost surely needs some electrical and plumbing work.  The older your home is, the more extensive the work may be.

It is common for a $100,000 kitchen remodel to really be a $70,000 system upgrade of an old home and then a $30,000 kitchen.

Kitchen upgrades often times involve opening up walls to connect the kitchen to the living area.  Doing this starts with foundation and framing changes that may go from the bottom of the foundation up to the the roof. Then old pipes and wires are often inadequate or corroded.  Replacing these may start all the way at the curb of your house, you might need a new electric panel and new circuits.

Once you get the systems upgraded and rebuild the floors and walls,  then you get to start adding the cabinets, tiles, counters and other “finishes” that you see.

When it’s all said and done, this can be the new center of your home!

In this example what used to be a sectioned off narrow kitchen has become an open center of the home where the entire family spends most of their time.

Kitchen Before and After

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