Oakland Accessory Dwelling Rules Are Changing Allowing Easier Parking – Finally!

Oakland city staff has recommended easing the rules for permitting an accessory dwelling.   There are several changes regarding setbacks, height, parking, rebuilding existing spaces and more.  Most importantly, Oakland has historically required two side by side parking spaces that would often times consume your entire yard.  This will no longer be the case.  Oakland plans to allow tandem parking (tandem means two cards parked front to back in a driveway).

Tandem parking has been the standard method of permitting accessory dwellings in neighboring city of Berkeley. Of nearly 50 New Avenue projects in Berkeley almost all of them utilize tandem parking in their permits.

Art Clark, one of New Avenue’s partner architect (and the designer of several custom homes, municipal projects and accessory dwellings) is participating in this dialogue.

See one example from Art’s Accessory Dwelling portfolio here: http://newavenuehomes.com/u/art-clark

Read more about the planning changes here: Oakland Accessory Dwelling Report – Planned Changes

Areas Near BART Stations in Oakland

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  1. This is great news for Oakland! The changes will ease secondary unit approvals for existing unpermitted units and new attached and detached units. Planning staff are expecting a flood of applications after the regulations are approved. Schedule a consultation with an architect now and get plans started early to get ahead of the rush.

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