Planning and Building Permit Costs for A New Custom Home or Accessory Dwelling in Danville, CA

At New Avenue we have paid over 30 different types of permits to get residential projects approved.  These are “normal” projects too such as additions, remodels, restorations, accessory dwellings accessory structures and custom homes.

One of the architects who is a partner at New Avenue’s recently completed in depth research for the permitting fees of a new Accessory Dwelling in Berkeley, CA.   Here are his findings from December, 2015.

We guarantee your project will be different!  This is a great starting point if you are researching.  Most people have never heard of all these fees.

Planning/Zoning – Planning Division Plan Check Fee


Building Plan Check – Structural and Architectural Plan Review


Building Permit Issuance – Building Permit Fee


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing



Can we connect to the main home, and do we need a new meter?

A new meter sized for water use and Fire sprinklers is required


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