How long does it take to build a custom dream homes. Plan on 6 Years!

Many of us dream of building a getaway.  Whether it’s in the country, in the mountains or by the water it will be a process that even the luckiest of us may only do once.

One of our project owners started working with New Avenue after they completed their design and permits.  They needed assistance in finding a great contractor and comparing bids from some contractors they already found.

This owner opened with the thought that they were delusional when they first started.  They had no idea how time would fly by while planning this home.

Their actual timeline was:

  • Started looking casually after their wedding in 2011.
  • Made 4-6 trips per year from New York City to different B&Bs within a four hour radius.
  • They fell in love with a camp that was about 4.5 hours away in the Adirondacks but they realized 4 hours is too far and cut their radius to 3 hours.
  • Decided on being near a lake as opposed to a farm or in the mountains.
  • Decided against the Jersey shore or similar beach towns.
  • Found a dream location August of 2014.  Over three years after they started looking.
  • They purchased an old cottage on a nice lot in October 2014
  • Evaluated 10 architects, met with 4 and hired one in December of 2014
  • Broke ground in September 2016

That is three years of searching.  Two years of design and permitting. Now they are planning on roughly a year of building.

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