Our Business: Why we partner with the best architects and contractors

At New Avenue our goal is to make sustainable high quality architecture and construction.

Our initial idea was to use a combination of modular homes and financing to make the whole process easier.   Our commitment to this goal has not changed, but our tactics have evolved.

We quickly discovered that modular may make sense in rural areas with wide open spaces and big highways for access but the problem we were solving was how to adapt existing homes for their current owners. With 84,000,000 single family homes in the country, and a similar number of millennials and baby boomers all looking to share those homes, we figured, that how we use our existing homes is the bigger problem to solve, so that is where we focused our attention. That meant custom design and custom building was the only option.

We then considered an “agency model” in which we hired architects and builders and built up a big team of New Avenue employees.    We completed a few projects with one general contractor, a designer and a senior engineer.  The contractor had built hundreds of homes, the designer was praised by her peers and the engineer had worked on some of the nicest homes you could ever imagine.   The engineer even counted many household names and celebrities among the clientele of his previous projects.

We found that a team consisting of good designers and builders could build a good business, but it would always be a small local company.  We wanted to solve the true problem that holds back many owners from transforming their homes for long term, multigenerational living and that entailed solving the problem that has vexed owners, designers and contractors since the dawn of time:  Communication challenges and a lack of good information that erodes accountability and creates a lack of trust that infects almost every home remodel or build.

There is an army of great designers, architects and builders within every town in the country (arguably the world) having someone who knows your local codes, local preferences, costs, sub contractors and suppliers.   The knowledge these great local pros have is invaluable. But even the best pros were still frustrated by many aspects of the remodeling and building industry.

What we found was two huge pains that drive everyone crazy:  Poor communication and a lack of cost information.

So we built a software system that puts everyone on the same page (the homeowners, the architect and the contractor) and then we built an accounting system that is detailed enough to get projects clear but succinct enough to actually follow.

Next, we recruited the best architects and builders in each city where we offer our services.  We created a great union of back office administrative support (provided by New Avenue’s software) and then best of class design and building (provided by a local pro who has a proven track record). Architects and builders see  noticeable improvements in their efficiency and business when they have the support of New Avenue’s system and our underlying database of project costs and timeframes.

What we’ve found across over 100 projects now is that we have completely eliminated the nightmare scenarios of projects that go 50% or even 100% over budget.  Equally important, as importantly we have consistently improved the communication to such an extent that our repeat partners are making more money on their jobs while reducing the costs to the customer by 10% or more.  Removing the headaches and friction truly is a win-win.  Or in the case of a project with an architect, contractor and customer it’s a win-win-win.

Our goal is to find the best architect and the best builder in every city, to empower them with our accounting system and communication pages and then help every homeowner with their dream remodel.

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