Cost to design, permit and build a four bedroom two bath new custom home in Berkeley, CA

This is the cost to build a custom home in California.  This home has four bedrooms with two converted to an office and a playroom. Costs to build in most cities in California will be very similar to this home in Berkeley.

Any custom home you design will have a different cost. This is a perfect starting point. You can review the format of the budget and the line items of each step along the way.

This is the front of the house. The architects and contractors would call a drawing of a side of the side or front of the house an “elevation”.

Front Elevation

This is the ground floor floorplan. Ground Floor

This is the loft floor plan. These two rooms were originally bedrooms but the owners made it into a play room and an office.

Loft Floor

This is the budget for the completed project. You can download the pdf file here: Completed Budget for 1,500 square foot home

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