Cost of a music studio / Cost of a recording studio

One of our clients at New Avenue is a professional sound technician.  He bought a home with the plans to remodel an existing two car garage into a recording studio.

He quickly realized that the garage was collapsing, there were actual holes in the walls, it wasn’t water tight and it wasn’t secure enough for his equipment.

This is the cost of a music studio including all architecture, engineering, permits, demolition and new construction.

We demolished the old garage and built an entirely new studio.

This is the double wall soundproof construction detail:  Double Wall Construction Delail Recording Studio

This is the floorplan for the recording studio:

Floorplan for Recording Studio


What you can’t see very well in these plans are the details that are designed to control the sound.

  • Sound bounces around the room and you need to control that.
  • Sound escapes the room and you need to control that.
  • Sound enters from outside the room and ou need to control that.
Some of this is done by the double walls and triple pane windows.  Air between walls is the best thing for separation of sound.  Both in and out.
The inside of the room involves the minimization of parallel surfaces.  You don’t want sound uniformly bouncing around the room.  It amplifies and nullifies certain parts of the spectrum based on the size of the room.


Here is the full cost of the recording studio. Including survey, engineering, architecture, permits, demolition, and construction.

Click here to see the full detailed budget with every line item: Cost to convert garage to music studio

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