How Much Does a Guest House in Mountain View Cost? And How Long Does it Take to Build It?

We recently completed a detached 500 square foot one bedroom guest house in Mountain View, CA.  This project started off as an accessory dwelling with a full kitchen but permitting problems drove us to create a little cottage with a bathroom but no kitchen. A kitchen will easily fit in the corner in the near future, assuming the planning code changes and the owner actually wants a kitchen.

Here is the schedule of this project:

Design Proposal Accepted: October 2014

Permitting Starts: April 2015 (5 monthf of design)

Building Permits Issued: August 2015 (four months of permitting)

Construction Starts: September 2015 (one month of bidding)

Construction Finishes: March 2016 (6 months of building)

The total cost of design, and engineering was just over $10,000.  The construction costs were $216,000.   The total project cost is just over $225,000 for a new 500 square foot living space.

Here are some of the plans:

Site Plan

Exterior Rendering


Floor Plan 500 Square Feet


Exterior Rendering Rendering of Space - 500

You can review the detailed budget here: Final Budget Mountain View Guest House

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