San Rafael Remodel: Transforming a Home for Raising a Family in Marin

Brooke and Rob are two young professionals working in San Francisco who bought a three bedroom, two and a half bath home in San Rafael. The home is 1,675 square feet and was used as a duplex when they bought it.

Brooke and Rob had a baby on the way when they completed a major transformation to their home.  Their project restored their home to a single family home and improved it for raising a family there.

They added a space for an au pair suite, added a master bedroom and master bath, remodeled two bedrooms and made one a nursery.  They maintained much of the kitchen while adding a new entry and bath near the kitchen door.

Additionally, behind their home is a 500-square foot detached structure that served as an office. They are thinking of converting this extra space into an accessory dwelling afterwards. The young couple had their first child during the project, and this remodel gives the growing family plenty of room for activities.

The design, project planning and permitting process lasted 9 months.  Construction lasted eight months from start to finish.

This is the existing floor plan:

Existing Floor Plan San Rafael Addition Remodel

Proposed/New Plan.  You can see the master bedroom, master bath and walk in closet on the right then up a half flight of stairs are two bedrooms and a shared bath.

Proposed Floor Plan San Rafael Addition Remodel

This link has the full cost of the completed project in San Rafael. All costs are broken down by line item.  This budget includes architecture, engineering, permits and construction costs.

Budget for a 2 bed 2 bath addition plus kitchen remodel:addition

After the project, and just one week after their son was born, the client, Rob noted:

“Our son, AJ joined our little family last Tuesday. Thank you for surrounding us with a strong team during all of this, it’s good to know that New Avenue, the team has the house project under control while we’re ramping up on this whole parent project thing.”

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