Cost of a Basement Remodel + Addition + Accessory Dwelling In The Outer Sunset of San Francisco

We are currently completing a major basement remodel plus an addition in the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.  This project started off as an accessory dwelling but became an added space for the family.  This is 330 square feet of remodeled existing ground floor/basement space and an additional 330 square feet of remodeled garage space that is also on the ground floor.  Total new habitable space is 660 square feet.

Design Proposal Accepted: January 2014

Permitting Starts: October 2014

Building Permits Issued: June 2015

Project on Hold for Personal Reasons:12 months

Construction Starts: August 2016

Construction Finishes: March 2017

The total cost of design, engineering and permits was $43,000.  The construction costs are $160,000.   The total project cost is just over $200,000 for a new 600 square foot living space.

You can review the detailed budget here: Final Project Budget 600 Square Foot Remodel Outer Sunset

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