Additions, Remodels and Custom Homes – Phase IV of The Design Process

This is a guest post by David Locicero, a Partner Architect in the New Avenue Design/Build Network.

David has successfully uses the New Avenue platform to design, permit and build projects around the San Francisco Bay Area.  To read more about the platform click here: New Avenue

What are “construction documents”?

There are five phases to a typical architectural project: Pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction.

In this issue, we’ll take a look at Construction Documents.

After having established the objectives and the restrictions affecting the project (pre-design), coming up with a solution to the problem (schematic design), selecting materials and coordinating with consultants (design development), the architect now prepares the Construction Documents. These are the documents used to get a building permit, solicit bids from contractors, and from which the project will be built. These are the “blue prints”.

During this phase, the architect will compile a set of drawings and, for larger projects, a written specification book as well., that will contain the information required to describe how the building will be built. Construction Documents typically include both the drawings by the architect and additional drawings from the structural engineer and other engineers as needed. A geotechnical engineer (also called “soils” or “Geo-Tech”) is the second most common type of engineer behind the structural.

Typically, these drawings are elaborations on the drawings that have been created in the previous phases. But they will include more, very specific information. Some of the information is for the Building Officials, some of the information is for the Builder. Much of the information is about construction. Some of it is about code compliance. It is all necessary to get the project approved, to get good pricing, and to get the project built.

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