Additions, Remodels and Custom Homes – Phase III of The Design Process

This is a guest post by David Locicero, a Partner Architect in the New Avenue Design/Build Network.

David has successfully uses the New Avenue platform to design, permit and build projects around the San Francisco Bay Area.  To read more about the platform click here: New Avenue

What is “design development”?

There are five phases to a typical architectural project: Pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction.

In this issue, let us look at Design Development.

Design Development is when the architect takes the basic design that was generated during Schematic Design – basically a diagram of a building with ideas about the quality of the different spaces – and develops that design, into a more concrete description of a building.

During this phase, the architect will study the composition of and placement of windows and doors. The architect will begin working with the structural engineer to ensure the structure is properly integrated into the design..

The architect will work with you to select materials, and specific models of manufactured pieces like windows, doors, and cabinets.

It is during this phase that the diagrammatic notion described during Schematic Design starts to get real. Often this may mean making slight changes to the design to accommodate the realities of construction.

Many clients think that this phase can be rushed through. It may seem like it’s just glorified shopping, but in reality, it is during this phase that the experience of living in the house starts to be defined. It is worth taking time to make these decisions. You will be thankful you did when the house is complete.

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