Additions, Remodels, and Custom Homes – Phase I

This is a guest post by David Locicero, a Partner Architect in the New Avenue Design/Build Network.

David has successfully uses the New Avenue platform to design, permit and build projects around the San Francisco Bay Area.  To read more about the platform click here: New Avenue

There are five phases to a typical architectural project:

Pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction.

Today let us look at the Pre-design work that creates your Program.

Architects do not simply jump directly into construction documents. It takes a little bit of time to get to that point.

Pre-design is the first step and consists of working with you to find out not just what you want, but what you need. We will also determine what the budget will be.

We also assess the site. For most of my projects, that means measuring the house and property and creating drawings of what is already built.

We will also meet with the jurisdiction and determine what the planning and zoning rules and regulations are.

All of this is work that has to be done before we even start designing. That is why it is called Pre-design. By gathering all the pertinent information at the beginning, it helps us focus on the real challenges without getting side tracked.

The New Avenue Design Agreement spells out the deliverables in this phase.

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