Sample Accessory Dwelling Guest House Plans – Including Loft Heights

People often ask about loft heights.  At New Avenue we have designed hundreds of lofts and we’ve spent many nights sleeping in them too:)
Old codes in Berkeley, CA there was a max height of an 8′ wall, a 12′ average height and a 16′ peak. With these restrictions you can only fit about a 5′ loft.  Here is what that looks like:

This loft looks nice but it is too short for anyone over about 14.

We sat down with the Mayor of Berkeley a few years ago and pointed this out.  Now you can build taller!  A cottage permitted under newer codes allows a 10′ wall height, 14′ average height and 18′ max height will fit a 7′ loft.  This is a big big deal if you’re actually trying to use the loft:
Here is another example:
Susan’s – The loft is a great height!
This is about a 6’6″ loft.
We have hundreds of completed designs that we are happy to share with you for studying purposes only.
These are a few simple layouts to think about:
701 Square foot attached in law apartment in San Ramon, CA: Click for plans
A 620 Square foot detached backyard cottage in Berkeley, CA: Click for plans

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