Custom Wood Doors on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, CA (A historic district)

I’m kind of curious about the kind of doors you’ll find on homes that cost $1,000,000 or more.  Do you get a certain quality that you just don’t see in “average” homes?  Or do you get the same?

We stumbled across a few homes while home shopping in this neighborhood and wow!  What a history of nice custom doors up here. A few of these homes were by famous architects like Julia Morgan, Steilberg, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Others were by lesser known Japanese woodworkers too.

Check out these doors!

This is the side door for a house that cost $750,000. 

754 Panoramic 2

This is the most amazing door of all!

754 Panoramic 1

This was a 1,600,000 house but just a plain old door.  It’s nice but not on par with the home that cost half as much just up the street.

1.63 Panoramic 1

Below is a beautiful door and custom window that matches. But those exterior electrical conduits are a disaster. I get it, you someone had to get the job done cheap.  But let’s do better than that.  This is the side door in a $1,360,000 home.

1.43 Panoramic 4

This is the main door to the $1,630,000 home.

1.43 Panoramic 1

And these are the deck doors from that $1,630,000 home.  Look at that ceiling too!

1.43 Panoramic 2

It seems the cheapest door was on the most expensive home.  Is there a moral to the story?  I guess you don’t have to put in an amazing custom wood door.  But nice doors are so worth it and if you’re spending a million bucks, why not do it right?

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