The Cost Of Permits For An Accessory Dwelling in Oakland, CA

 At New Avenue we have paid over 30 different types of permits to get residential projects approved.  These are “normal” projects too such as additions, remodels, restorations, accessory dwellings accessory structures and custom homes.

One of the architects who is a partner at New Avenue recently completed in depth research for the permitting fees of a new Accessory Dwelling in Oakland, CA.   Here are his findings.

We guarantee your project will be different!  This is a great starting point if you are researching.  Most people have never heard of all these fees.


Based on a 500 SF maximum size and a Small Project Design Exemption (Reviewed over the counter)


Building Plan Check

Based on a 500 SF maximum at 234.17/sf construction cost (City standard rate)


Building Permit Issuance

Based on a 500 SF maximum at 234.17/sf construction cost (City standard rate). This is paid at application. Consists of 17 various city taxes and fees related to the project.


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

This is an estimate based on a typical 500 SF project. Fee is based on various fees per item ($3/outlet, $50/toilet, etc) plus fixed charges per discipline.



There are 2 school fees applicable. This combines them both.



Based on a 500 sf maximum at 234.17/sf construction cost (City standard rate)


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