New Avenue Architect Spotlight: Brad Gunkel


New Avenue design professional Brad Gunkel is based in Emeryville, CA, and is recognized as an authority in sustainable, community-focused architecture. His interests in co-housing, urban community development, and sustainability have earned him respect from owners, developers, and planners.

One of the New Avenue projects Brad is involved with is a major remodel and a backyard accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Oakland, CA.

This 899 square foot ADU has a great room, bedroom and bath on the first floor and a bedroom, bath, and deck on the second floor.  A bridge connects the main house and the ADU. The deck on the second floor steps up over the living room to create a higher volume below and to create seating/lounging tiers above.


The owners of the main home have a small child, and their vision is that another small family could rent out this rear unit. The children would have a safe, easily-supervised space to play together in the backyard and the families could share occasional meals. If, at some point, the ADU is occupied by a single person or couple without children who do not want or need the upstairs bedroom, the bedroom can then become an office or a guest bedroom. The second floor of the ADU is designed so that the bedroom/office can be opened up to or closed off from the first floor. In addition to the ADU, the owners are also remodeling their basement.

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