How to Stay On Budget With An Architect & What is an “Additional Service” from an Architect?

At New Avenue we have determined that the best practice for providing architectural services for remodels, additions, and new custom homes is to provide detailed Design Proposals.  Our online proposal system structures each proposal in with each major task listed in a line item proposal.

The architecture services are billed hourly and the dollars billed are presented next to the original proposal.

Design Proposal Sample

Both the owner and the architect deserve some flexibility to veer from this proposal.  We state in our design agreement that any increase in billings must be discussed and approved in order for the owner to be responsible to pay for it.

For example typical Schematic Design will have three schemes: “Schema A”, “Scheme B” and “Scheme C”.  These may take a few weeks each to develop and you have a reasonable expectation that Scheme C is your final design. If you want to go do Scheme D, E, F…. K, L, M then the architect will provide an “Add Service” form estimating the number of hours for  the next Scheme and you, as the owner will have the option to approve it.

The Design Proposal sets reasonable expectations.  The Add Service Form prevents owners from being surprised by an invoice for work that was not in the Design Proposal.

Other Add Services may include civil engineering, surveys, structural engineering, permit fees, or interior design.

We provide the details for this Add Service process  in our help section here:

Add Service Proposal

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